Snore Silencer *DISCONTINUED*



The SnoreSilencer™ Pro is an easy-to-use and comfortable heat-and-fit mandibular advancement device, for the reduction or elimination of snoring and/or to treat OSA. Patients can take it home the same day it is fit. For patients considering a mandibular advancement device, the SnoreSilencer Pro is a quick and cost-effective introduction to the technology. The device is also an alternative for noncompliant CPAP users or those who want a more accessible treatment alternative when traveling.

With its patented hinge technology and soft pliable material, the device is close to custom in comfort and ability to adjust jaw advancement, without the long waiting period for lab fabrication. The unique Precision 3 Advancement System uses three separate lower trays, each with a fixed pin setting. This facilitates three different advancement levels to help patients can reach a most satisfactory level of treatment.


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