“Thank you very much for your help. This has certainly been a positive life changing experience. Your professionalism is truly outstanding. I will, without reservation, refer others to you.”

— Ken Z., Langley

“After a bad experience with another local company many years ago I was lucky to find Paul Sweeney and his Coastal Sleep group. I am now on machine number 3 and I am forever grateful to them for the exceptional treatment. It is something in this day and age to find professionals that take time with their patients, so thanks Paul”

— Barbara D Richmond

“I have been using a CPAP machine for 9 years. This is my second machine. I believe these units have saved my life”
 R. Paine, Port Moody

“Coastal Sleep provided the necessary equipment promptly and their therapist was extremely knowledgeable and efficient, encouraging and supportive, as well their office staff. Kudos to all concerned and equipment to resolve my heath issue.”
J. Ryane, Richmond

“Glad that I was tested as I was not aware of the severity of my condition; my husband can now sleep and I’m not awaken by his elbow”
 M. Jappy, Abbotsford

“I definitely recommend Coastal Sleep to anyone who wants a professional, knowledgeable and truly caring services for their sleep condition. Throughout my trial period and despite my rather difficult condition, I felt supported and cared for by my therapist who tried her best to help me rather than just sell me that CPAP machine.”
A. Mesieha, Vancouver

“I had very quick results, few problems. Positive results overall. Wish I received treatment earlier.”
 L. Angus, Vancouver

“My therapist was so helpful and easy to talk to. I really appreciate her kindness and patience. When I was almost ready to give up and the CPAP, she assured me we would get through it together and we did! Thank you!”
M. Habib, Vancouver

“All my fears were put to rest once I got a visit with Coastal Sleep. My therapist answered every questions and had useful suggestions for every situation. Many thanks!”
B. Murdock, Vancouver

“The most fantastic place to be tested at. Great people to deal with.”
D. Epp, Abbotsford

“Very pleased and impressed with the staff at Coastal Sleep, wish I had known about sleep apnea years ago. Best sleep I have ever had! ”
C. Rempel Abbotsford.

“I met Onkar while looking to purchase a new CPAP machine in the Coastal Sleep Abbotsford location. I believe I have found a great mind that understands sleep apnea inside out. He took the time to talk with me about my treatment and to ask me how things are going from my perspective. He is caring, professional and helpful. My plans requires I pay up front and then be reimbursed. Onkar assured me that his company would allow me to take the new machine that day and he would wait for the money to be processed from my medical plan. Obviously he trusted me and I trust him so this was an extremely helpful gesture. I highly recommend Onkar and Costal Sleep. He is amazing and so is his company. They stand behind their word. coastalsleep.ca is who I would suggest in Vancouver and the lower mainland for sure.”
Suzanne B, Abbotsford

“Paul Sweeney has been remarkably generous with his time, willing to meet me a number of times while searching for a machine or settings that would work. It is actually useful to do so because he has much knowledge and insight into the Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) and treatment.”
Harold W., Richmond


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Coastal Sleep
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
by Joyce & Samantha Leach on Coastal Sleep
Damian Lehwald - Wonderful Service
Date: Feb 22/2020

My Mom and I first met Damian just over a month ago. We knew nothing about the CPAP world - only that we were advised by her doctor to go. We were both hesitant about it - not seeing the benefit. Meeting Damian put us immediately at ease. He did not overwhelm us with information, instead explaining how this could help my Mom's quality of life. On week 1 he set her up with the trial and continued seeing her every week after to review the progress - adjust levels and change what needed to be - always ensuring she was comfortable with the treatment. Each week he supplied just a little bit more information always making sure she felt at ease. He has never made us feel rushed and always answered each one of our questions. Damian always makes suggestions on how the treatment could be better or on what product might be more beneficial but always lets my Mom have the final say on what direction she would like to proceed in. This is not about hard sales but about getting her on the right path to feeling better. He has been nothing short of amazing. I do not believe we could have gotten through all of this without Damian. He is patient, kind and so knowledgeable. If you have to get a CPAP I cannot recommend enough that you request Damian to walk you through that journey. Also prior to meeting Damian I had done my own research on the CPAP machines finding out you could purchase them on line for about half the price - but you have zero support, service or set up. You would not benefit from Damian's knowledge on what levels you need to be at, or on how you are progressing and what adjustments made....do not get drawn in to buying online. Damian is worth his weight in gold.
We have a little way to go but knowing that Damian is there to guide her throughout this even after all the purchases are done is comforting. Thank you Damian for everything...thank you for your amazing service.

This is so great to hear! Wearing a CPAP is not the easiest thing in the world, and we're glad to know that Damian has made the process easier for you and your mom.

by gerhard wild on Coastal Sleep
Date: Feb. 16 , 2020

"John was very patient and understanding with me . In the beginning I was reluctant about
needing to use a CPAP machine ,but after a number of visits and fine adjustments I've gotten use to sleeping nightly with my new machine , and seeing the benefits from continually using a CPAP machine.

Thank you Gerhard. We're so happy to hear that you're seeing results with your CPAP machine.

by Michele M on Coastal Sleep
Wonderful service!
Date: Feb 5, 2020

Very thorough care. Excellent experience. Highly recommend !

Hi Michele,

Thank you very much! We're happy to hear that you had a wonderful experience at our Langley location.

by Lyle Konner on Coastal Sleep
My experience
Date: Feb/3/2020

Thanks to Simmie and the Staff I have had a great experience. Positive results within the first week. My prior experience was in 2015 with "another" Sleep Clinic and it was terrible. As a result I did not continue with the CPAP. This time was completely different! Very knowledgeable and supportive from all! Thanks folks!

Hi Lyle,

We're so glad to hear that you decided to give CPAP another try and that it is working well for you this time around!

by Beth on Coastal Sleep
Great Service
Date: Jan 20/20

After a not so great experience with another sleep apnea company, my husbands internist recommended Liz at the Langley Coastal Sleep Location. What a difference!! Her knowledge was evident from the first visit and we could not be happier. Now we both have been fitted with the appropriate equipment and it has made such a difference.

Hi Beth,

Thank you very much for the kind words! We're very happy to hear that the therapy is working well 🙂

by Richard B. on Coastal Sleep

I highly recommend Paul Sweeney and his colleagues at Coastal Sleep. Paul takes a genuine interest in his patients. He is very knowledgeable and extremely patient. Paul was very thorough in assessing me and explaining my different options. Chelsea the receptionist is very cheerful and proficient. I feel very fortunate to have found Coastal Sleep!